Lip Balm - Wild Huckleberry - Handmade - Biodegradable Tube

Wild Huckleberry Lip Balm

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This super moisturizing lip butter contains foraged wild huckleberries harvested by hand in Tofino, British Columbia as well as rosehip butter and pumpkin oil.

Boreal Folk Apothecary creates natural skincare goods made from wild plants sustainably harvested in Canada's forests.

  • Size is 3 oz
  • Biodegradable, compostable tube
  • Contains wild huckleberries with natural antioxidants
  • Gives your lips a light pink hue
  • Contains quick-absorbing pumpkin oil which is rich in vitamin E, zinc, omega 3- and 6- fatty acids as well as antioxidants
  • Apply directly to lips as needed
  • Colour varies by batch


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